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Petting Zoo

Kids of all ages will enjoy Niabi Zoo's petting zoo. Animal feed is available on-site for $0.50. This is the only area in the zoo where you can get up close to the animals, pet, and feed them.


Pony Rides (Seasonal)

Have your little ones (85 pounds or less) enjoy a pony ride in our petting zoo. This seasonal attraction is offered May 7th through Labor Day. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office or at the attraction.
Cost: $4.00 per person



The llama is a South American relative of the camel, though the llama does not have a hump. These sturdy creatures are domestic animals have been used as pack animals for centuries.


Pot-Bellied Pig

Considerably smaller than standard farm pigs, most adult pot-bellied pigs are about the size of a medium or large dog.



Goats are considered small livestock animals and one of the earliest known domesticated animals. Goats are reputed to be willing to eat almost anything.



Zebu, sometimes known as humped cattle, have humps on the shoulders, large dewlaps (flap of skin that hangs beneath the lower jaw or neck), and droopy ears.