Animals & Habitats
Lesser Magellan Goose
Scientific Name
Chloephaga picta picta
South America
Conservation Status
Least Concern


The Lesser Magellan goose or Upland goose is in the shelgeese family. The male and female Lesser Magellan goose dramatically differ in appearance. The male’s plumage is mostly white, while the female has cinnamon-brown coloring.

Diurnal Grazer

This stout goose is a diurnal grazer who consumes not only seeds, grasses and berries, but has also been observed eating green algae. It prefers grazing in dense grasses where it can also create its nest.


Although the Magellan Goose populations are considered widespread and abundant, this goose has been hunted as a pest to agricultural crops due to the perception of competition with sheep farmers. The populations will decline due to this persecution coupled with habitat losses.