Animals & Habitats
Malaysian Black Scorpion
Scientific Name
Heterometrus spinifer
Southeast Asia
Conservation Status
Not Listed

An Arachnid

The scorpion is found in the spider family. They have eight legs and unique characteristics which include two grasping, fingerlike projections known as pedi palps with pincers, and a forward-curving, segmented tail.


A scorpion has a rigid outer body covering (a cuticle) that forms an exoskeleton that must be shed. A new exoskeleton is formed through secretions as the old exoskeleton is sloughed off in a process called “molting.” This molt must occur 5-10 times within a scorpion’s life for natural growth to occur.


A scorpion’s sting may be mildly painful and cause tingling, numbing or itching. Reactions to the scorpion’s venom range widely and medical treatment should be sought immediately after being stung. Scientific breakthroughs have proven that some scorpion venoms may be able to assist with diseases, including some cancers.