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Animals & Habitats
Veiled Cameleon
Scientific Name
Chamaeleo calyptratus
Yemen and Saudi Arabia
Conservation Status
Not Listed

Head Ornamentation

The Veiled Chameleon is brightly colored and has a casque on top of its head, which reaches up to two inches in height as the lizard matures. These chameleons have brightly colored bands around their body and long cones on their gular crest. Sexual dimorphism includes males being slightly larger than females.


When threatened or startled, the Veiled Chameleon curls into a tight ball, darkens in color and “plays possum” by pretending to be dead. The chameleon maintains this position until it determines the danger has passed.

Sticky Tongue

This chameleon is an insectivore and projects its sticky tongue to capture insects for a meal. It is also able to detect smells and taste with its tongue and has adapted to eating leaves as a source of water during dry seasons.