Heat Alert; for the safety and wellness of some of our animal family through the summer, we will offer inside access when the temperature is above 85F. (dismiss)

Zoo Classes

Designed with learning levels and attention spans in mind, our classes are deliberately planned to appeal to specific age groups. Simply click on the class of interest for more information and to register. You can also see all upcoming classes on our Events Calendar. Please contact us if you have any questions.


A 30-minute class designed for ages 3-5 that encourages youth literacy. Children listen to the story reading, then meet a main character during a live animal presentation!


A 45-minute interactive class designed for ages 6-9 that provides a unique opportunity for children to meet animals up close, demonstrate animal adaptations through physical activities, and keep them actively engaged.


A 45-minute class designed for ages 10-13, participants will meet animals, explore how zookeepers take care of them, learn about animal behaviors and how the zoo is working to save animals and habitats.