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Animal Enrichment



Our animals receive enrichment in their habitats daily, sometimes multiple times a day! What is enrichment? Enrichment is variables added to animal habitats that yield natural and stimulating psychological and physical behavior. In short, enrichment creates natural choice, change and complexity in the lives of our animals.


We invite you to help us create environmental enrichment  for our animals!

Inquire about our zoo campus workshop options for your group and create some cool devices for our zoo animal family.

We also offer an Enrichment Roadshow;  our Enrichment Team will travel to your facility, with all the supplies necessary (within a 20 mile range) to create enrichment to bring back to the animal family.

 Contact Tammy at for options.



We’ve created a list of places to go online that have items that can be donated directly to the animals at Niabi.

The items range in price from $5 to $500, so they can fit into anyone’s budget.

Don’t want to go online, that’s fine too! You can stop by our Gift Shop on your next visit and purchase some enrichment items for our animals there too.


Want to see some enrichment in action?

Check out these videos of our zookeepers and animal family building and interacting with their enrichment devices.

PLUS click here to view our Niabi Zoo-YouTube channel for more fun videos.