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Animals & Habitats
Zebra Moray Eel
Scientific Name
Gymnomuraena zebra
Indian and Pacific Oceans
Conservation Status
Not Evaluated

Plate-like Teeth

The Zebra Moray has flat, blunt, plate-like teeth perfect for managing hard-shell animals. They have a preferred diet that includes crabs, clams and hard-shelled prey of various species. The eel has a hidden set of jaws in addition to their outer jaws. The prey capture process is two-fold – the first step is the eel darting forward and grabbing the prey by the outer jaw, firmly grasping food material. Second, their inner set of pharyngeal jaws shoot forward, clamping on to the prey again as they pull the meal into the throat.

Night Life

Nocturnal, the eel will tuck into coral crevices and ledges until they are ready for their next meal. They will have their head sticking out from crevices, opening and closing their mouth to breathe, thus giving them a menacing appearance. This species does not have gill coverings, so they must orally pump down water in large gulps to breathe.