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Conservation at the Zoo
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Conservation at the Zoo

Zeke-7-(closer-crop).jpgThe Niabi Zoo connects the community with the natural world through conservation leadership and engaging educational experiences. We are committed to the conservation of species and habitats locally and globally through by establishing and maintaining collaborative efforts with conservation organizations, universities, and AZA Species Survival Plans.

Our dedicated animal care staff is responsible for the daily care for 
5 Critically Endangered Species
3 Endangered Species
14 Vulnerable Species
4 Near Threatened Species

The Niabi Zoo participates in 18 Species Survival Plans as coordinated through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). 

The list of animal conservation status is compiled through the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. To see our complete list of at-risk species and SSP animals, click CONSERVATION LIST 

Conservation Leadership

Conservation begins at home by reducing your carbon footprint, minimizing waste, and recycling. These are the easiest ways to help animals and habitats. You can help even more, just by coming to the Zoo. Not only will you learn about the animals and environments that need our help, but just purchasing an admission ticket will help. $0.25 of every admission goes to conservation programs in the wild through our Coins for Conservation program. The power of conservation is your hands as you can choose which of 4 programs you would like to support: 
  • Snow Leopard Trust
  • Monarch Watch
  • Niabi Zoo's Freshwater Fish Initiative
  • Niabi Zoo's Bat Initiative

Find out more about these programs at Coins for Conservation