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Animals & Habitats
Blue-crowned Mot Mot
Scientific Name
Momotus momota
Central and South America
Conservation Status
Least Concern


This colorful bird focuses on insects as its primary dietary staple. It seeks out beetles, cicadas, spiders and larvae of various insect species. However, on occasion it eats fruits, small reptiles and worms. The motmot is creative in preparing and capturing its meal before consuming it. One method is to take the prey item and beat it against a branch or rock until inactive, then swallow the item or carry it to their young. Another method is to accompany swarming army ants on the prowl to flush other insects and reptiles out of concealment, which directs the prey right to the waiting motmot.

No Flock Zone

This species lives in pairs and is not known to flock in large aggregations. Even when paired, however, the birds forage separately and do not indicate that they may be paired off at all. The motmot is known to be active at twilight, and rests in the foliage of a tree during the day.