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Animals & Habitats
Buff-cheeked Gibbon Monkey
Scientific Name
Nomascu gabriellae
Southeast Asia
Conservation Status
Least Concern

Dweller in the Trees

Gibbons are an arboreal, semi-ape species that very rarely moves around the ground. They spend most of their time in the trees brachiating from branch to branch for browsing opportunities and for places to rest and socialize.


The pelage coloration changes depending on the sexual orientation of the young. All young are born with a bright yellow hair coloration. Within a few months, the male pelage changes to black while the female transforms to a beige/yellow. Within the gibbon family, typically males are larger than females.

Vocal Duets

The gibbon is known for their synchronized songs or duets. They are thought to be communications for marking territories and resources, or between potential mates. The duets are comprised of species-specific characteristics which are inherited, not learned.