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Animals & Habitats
Clown Fish
Scientific Name
Amphiprion ocellaris
Indo-Pacific Ocean
Conservation Status
Not Listed

Symbiotic Relationship

Clown fish have formed a beneficial, symbiotic relationship with anemones. The fish utilize the anemone as a measure of protection from predators and lay eggs under the mantel of the anemones tentacles as another protection for survival of the future young. The bright orange fish as well as their eggs have a mucous protection that protects the fish and future young from the stinging nematocysts and predators. The Clown fish will in turn oxygenate the anemone and feed the anemone as well as provide removal of waste from the anemone.


Zooplankton, copepods and algae are primary food materials for the clown fish. On occasion, these fish will carry larger pieces of food to the anemone for later consumption, but much of the time the anemone will devour the cached food.

Reef Survival

The continued depletion of the coral reefs is creating deleterious effects to the entire water ecosystem. Although this fish is not a conservation concern at present, it is really just a matter of time before the death of the coral reefs will mean eminent and serious loss of all fishes and aquatic systems around the planet.