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Animals & Habitats
Clown Trigger Fish
Scientific Name
Balistoides conspicillum
Indo-Pacific Ocean
Conservation Status
Not Listed

Territory Defender

This spectacular fish will aggressively defend its territory. They will erect the first long, dorsal spine to intimidate and impress opponents and predators. This fish is primarily solitary and diurnal.


The Clown Trigger has teeth that never stop growing. They have teeth in the front of the mouth with another set of teeth behind those along with grinding teeth in the throat. All of this dentition along with a strong jaw allows the fish to consume hard-shelled foods like crustaceans and sea urchins.

Spitting and Blowing

Adult triggers will siphon sand when looking for prey, and will then eject that sand back out the gills. They are able to flush out prey by blowing jets of water at the sand.