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Animals & Habitats
Fennec Fox
Scientific Name
Vulpes zerda
Central areas of the Sahara, Africa
Conservation Status
Least Concern

Small but Mighty

The smallest fox in the canid family, the Fennec fox weighs in at about 3.5 pounds. The most distinctive Fennec fox feature is their large pinnae (ears). The long ears average about 6 inches and are thought to help dissipate heat and to pinpoint prey moving in the sand.

Desert Life

Fennec fox are highly adapted to the arid, desert climates of their African habitats. They have fur between and around their feet to insulate against the hot sand and to eliminate sinking into the sand as well. Due to their nocturnal lifestyle and burrowing habits that lessen water loss, they are able to go long spans of time without water. Their pelage coloration deflects heat and allows them to camouflage in the desert areas, protecting them against predators.