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Animals & Habitats
Green Anemone
Scientific Name
Arthopluera xanthogrammica
North and Central America
Conservation Status
Not Listed

Tide Pools

These unique animals are found amongst the rocky shorelines in the intertidal/subtidal zones of tide pools. They prefer cold, high wave areas to attach themselves with a basal pedal disk to various substrates, like man-made pilings, but more typically coral and mussel beds. Anemone typically will not move unless resources are scarce and the environment becomes inhospitable.

Crown of Tentacles

The body of an anemone is columnar in shape with a crown of multiple tentacles. This crown has six rings of tentacles surrounding a mouth. Tentacles contain stinging cells with venomous nematocysts. This adaptation allows the animal to paralyze, capture and consume prey.

Slow Metabolism

This anemone’s cold water habitat gives it a fairly slow metabolism, which means the animal will typically only consume a meal one to two times per month. They are carnivores that favor mussels, urchins, small fish and crabs.