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Animals & Habitats
Lesser Siren
Scientific Name
Siren intermedia
United States and Mexico
Conservation Status
Least Concern


The Lesser Siren is an aquatic, eel-like salamander. It has no rear legs, and the front legs are reduced with four toes on each leg. The siren has bushy, external gills located on each side of the head. This species is nocturnal and primarily feeds on aquatic invertebrates like crustaceans, amphibian larvae, worms and snails.


During the dry seasons the siren burrows into mud, covered in a cocoon of slime in the bottom of streams and rivers. It typically inhabits quiet, shallow and cloudy waterways with abundant vegetation.

Conservation Concerns

Flood control issues and disturbance, alteration and loss of wetlands will have long-term deleterious effects to this species’ survival.