Animals & Habitats
Rock Hyrax
Scientific Name
Procavia capensis
Conservation Status
Least Concern

Foot Adaptations

Hyrax have adapted well to their habitats. They are the smallest sub-ungulate, walking on the soles of their four-toed front feet and on the toes of their three-toed back feet. The soles of their feet have thickened, black pads that include sweat glands. The combination of these foot adaptations allows the animal to expertly maneuver the rocky outcroppings of its environment.

Endothermic (dependent on or capable of the internal creation of heat)

Hyrax bodily temperature fluctuates. Similar to reptiles, hyrax must move to a cooler, sheltered area for extreme heat and to a warmer, sun-filled area to elevate their temperatures. They will avoid high temperatures by resting in shaded areas. Adult Hyrax will rest upwards of 90% of their day.