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Animals & Habitats
Volitan Lion fish
Scientific Name
Pterois volitans
Indo-Pacific Ocean
Conservation Status
Not Listed


A member of the Scorpionfish family, this unusual and interesting fish inhabits reefs, but may also be found in marine waterways. The Lionfish is unique from the other Scorpionfish by having 13 rather than 12 poisonous dorsal spines and an additional 14 feather-like pectoral rays. The anal fin has three spines and six to seven rays. They also possess a tentacle-like appendage above both eyes.


Solitary for most of their lives, they will defend their home territory against unwanted intruders including their own species. They are a nocturnal fish and will consume their meal fairly quickly. They will eventually retreat to the crevices of the coral and rocks until the sun goes down.