Heat Alert; for the safety and wellness of some of our animal family through the summer, we will offer inside access when the temperature is above 85F. (dismiss)

Does your mate bring you flowers? Give you shiny objects? Do an seductive dance? Decorate a room with exotic objects? Sound familiar? These are all techniques and rituals animals use that eventually leads to…well, you know.

Join us for some food, drinks, and a fun filled trivia night. Bring that special someone or your fun friends to meet some of our furry, scaly, and feathered friends. See how animals stir up a little romance and you just might learn something!

Bring yourself, a couple, or 6 friends. Meet other people as we group into teams of 6 to increase your chances of winning great prizes!

Cost per Adult (21 and over): Members: $28 Non-members: $35

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